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Testing Info

Certification Testing Information & Resources

Written Exam Requests

Written examination requests must be received by the Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC) thirty-days (30) prior to the written examination date. Written requests must be submitted on a
“Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control – Application and Request for Examination form” (Gray Scantron Form - see example). Please remember to allow time for mail delivery to our office. Written examinations and instructions are mailed from the Division using the United States Postal Services (USPS). They are sent Certified Return Receipt. Written examinations can be picked up at the Division by the certified proctor.

Reminder for Fire & Emergency Service Instructor 1 written exam request: When applying for a written exam, please submit documentation of successful completion of an approved training course within the past three years with the Application. Acceptable instructor training courses include:

  • Accredited fire service instructor courses (Instructor Methodology)
  • Any National Fire Academy Instructor Course
  • State of Colorado Vocational 270 class
  • POST Instructor

Practical Exam Requests

Practical examination requests must be submitted to the Division of Fire Prevention and Control a minimum of thirty-days (30) prior to the examination date. Request(s) can be submitted online by using this link.  Practicals are sent electronically to proctors.

In order to better assist firefighters, coordinators and proctors, we require that all written and practical requests are received by the Division of Fire Prevention and Control at least 30 days prior to the test (no exceptions).

Scantron Examples

Replacement Certificates

Misplaced your certificate and need another copy? Please contact the Division of Fire Prevention and Control in writing and request a replacement. A re-print fee of $5.00 will be charged.

References for Testing

What are the references for testing? See the Certification Manual. The Division of Fire Prevention and Control tests to 100% of the NFPA and DOT (First Responder) Standards. The tests address the standards not a particular text book. Most of the major publishers' texts address the information in the standards. The Division does not endorse any particular publishing company's texts.

Pro Board Registration

The Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC) is dually accredited by both IFSAC and Pro Board. If you would like to register your earned DFPC certification with Pro Board you will need to download the Pro Board Application for Registration and Certification and complete the Applicant Information section, and then mail it to the DFPC Certification Program Manager to finish and then forward to the Pro Board.

The registration fee is made payable to Pro Board (NBFSPQ) and needs to be included with the registration form.