Type 3 Incident Management Team Project

Type 3 Incident Management Team Project


In 2003, the State of Colorado Resource Mobilization Working Group began developing state standards for individual resources and Type 3 Incident Management Teams. The Type 3 Incident Management Team Subcommittee of the Working Group agreed to use the National Park Service task books and guidelines as a template with modifications for the state program. The documents created from this process provide guidance for the establishment of minimum standards for incident personnel using these "All-Risk" task books and standards. Personnel who are certified in a NWCG position prior to the implementation of this guideline, may retain that certification and carry it over into the Colorado system. To qualify in any other state positions, the individual must meet the standards identified herein. The position certifications can be used for most Colorado positions with the exception of Command and Operational in a wildland fire incident.

The program works closely with FEMA to ensure the qualifications and taskbooks are consistent with federal standards and guidelines. As FEMS develops new requirements, they are incorporated into the Colorado taskbooks.

This initiative is designed to:

  • Strategically locate teams throughout the state.
  • Provide incident management for state level disasters that do not receive a federal declaration.
  • Provide for the interim management of an incident until arrival of Type 1 or Type 2 team.
  • Prepare team personnel for all-hazard incidents.
  • Deploy management personnel when local jurisdictions are overwhelmed or for an incident with a prolonged operational periods.
  • Allow requests for single team resources and not necessarily the entire team.


With the publication of these guidelines, the standards established in this guide are to be met by all participating agencies and organizations that choose to certify individuals and teams within the Colorado system. Individuals who have begun the process of qualifying for a position under NWCG guidelines may continue to use those standards and will be accepted by the Colorado system. Additionally, any individual who has begun the evaluation process need not take any newly required course(s) for that position. No local agency is required to use these standards or qualifications to manage their own incidents.



Command and General Staff





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