Please read and understand all of the Statutes and Rules regarding fireworks before applying for a license. For assistance with finding fire department jurisdictions, please refer to the 
Fire Department Lists and Information web page. One can search by town or county to obtain fire department contact information to verify areas of jurisdiction.

Each application must be printed and completed legibly; it does not have to be type written. You must either then mail or hand deliver the application in addition to the required fee and any the required documentation, to the address listed on the application.

Failure to complete the form in its entirety and sending all applicable required documentation may result in a delay or rejection of your license/certification. You will be notified by email regarding missing documentation so please provide a current email that you will receive this notification in a timely manner.

Each of the licenses, certifications or permits requires the application to be filed with the Division of Fire Prevention & Control at least thirty days before the start of activities for which the license is required.




Retailer of Fireworks License$25.00/location
Display Retailer of Fireworks License$750.00
Wholesaler of Fireworks License$750.00
Exporter of Fireworks License$750.00
Fireworks Display Operator Certification$25.00
Pyrotechnic Operator Certification$25.00
Fireworks Display Permit$250.00*